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Mediation is an informal process for helping people who have a dispute to sort it out for themselves without going to court.

A mediator is a neutral third person who encourages those in the dispute to talk to each other about the issues. The mediator is not an advice-giver or decision-maker. The parties examine the real problems, large or small. They then create and agree upon an outcome that meets their needs and addresses their concerns.

Mediation often improves understanding between the parties in an ongoing relationship.  Compared with going to court, mediation is:

  • less expensive
  • quicker
  • more informal and
  • less stressful.

Mediation is voluntary. The parties and the mediator have the right to withdraw at any time, although this is rare.

Types of disputes suitable for mediation

Mediation is suitable for resolving a wide range of disputes including business and commercial, partnership, family, workplace, personal injury, industrial and construction.