Family Dispute Resolution

The Process?

In the first instance, a confidential, individual interview with each parent is conducted by the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).  In this interview, the whole FDR process is explained and the individual’s issues clarified. Suitability for FDR is assessed and alternatives discussed if required.

Following the individual interviews, a joint session of FDR is offered for both parents to attend. This joint session normally lasts for about three hours. During this time, both parents are asked to make an opening statement in which they list the topics and concerns they wish to address in FDR.  This enables the mediator to set the agenda for the mediation and open the exploratory discussion.  As agreements are reached on the listed topics, they are documented.  If more time is required, a subsequent session is booked.  Even if agreements are reached on all items, each parent is encouraged to get financial and legal advice before these agreements are turned into parenting plans or consent orders.