Money & Relationships – Tony Delroy Show Podcast

 Listen to the podcast Notes from Bernie’s conversation on Nightlife with Tony Delroy and Kerrie McFadden on ABC 702 Radio on Monday night 27 July 2015  Preamble In 2011 Relationships Australia found that financial issues were the single biggest cause of relationship breakdown (26%), followed closely by communication difficulties (25%). These results have been repeated […]

Top Ten Tips to Enhancing your Emotional and Financial Relationship

Know your Values and the Values of your partner Be aware of your own attitudes and the attitudes of your partner to money (money messages) Understand your financial position – jointly attend all financial and legal meetings Jointly develop short and long-term Goals which are aligned to your values and financial position Develop the skills […]

Top Seven Steps to Successful Succession Planning

Start Early. Most families don’t talk about a plan for the continuance of the family business. Even fewer complete a plan that can be successfully carried out. Developing a good plan takes time, often years. The sooner you start with succession planning the better. Begin discussing the issues before a crisis. Communication. Ground rules need […]