Why collaborative law might be better for your separation

ABC Everyday / By Ginger Gorman May 21, 2021 One morning seven years ago, Tammy’s* husband Scott* came home from his regular Sunday morning bike ride. He was heading for the coffee but wondered if his wife of more than 20 years might like a cup of tea instead. “What do you want?” Scott asked her. “I want […]

How to Negotiate Rent for Landlords and Tenants

Introduction   The coronavirus pandemic has caused many Australians to lose their jobs which can also put a strain on their ability to pay rent. In March, the federal government issued a six-month moratorium on tenancies for both residential and commercial tenants who can’t pay their rent because they were severely impacted by the coronavirus. The federal […]

Collaborative Divorce

Listen to Bernie Bolger and Jamie Burreket in conversation with Sarah McDonald on ABC 702 Nightlife as they discuss a Collaborative Divorce Listen to the Podcast A Collaborative Divorce Divorce – the statistics are in and they aren’t good: 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce 2 in 3 second marriages end in divorce 49,000 […]