About Us

CMP was founded by Valerie Norton and Bernie Bolger and is a result of their mutual passion for resolving conflict in a calm, professional and caring manner.

They are registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP) and are Nationally Accredited by the National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS).  They are members of LEADR (Association of Dispute Resolvers), and ISDR (Institute of specialist Dispute Management).

They are accredited by the Attorney Generals Department to provide Family Dispute Resolution and can issue Section 60I Certificates.

Their understanding of the emotional, practical and financial challenges of separation, together with their knowledge of family law principles, results in CMP being one of the most effective providers of FDR in the Sydney metropolitan area.

CMP work collaboratively with a range of professionals including, lawyers, financial advisers and counsellors to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

The Practitioners

Bernie Bolger B.Sc. (Pharm.) (Hons.) MPS; Dip. FS (Financial Planning); Master Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (MCAP); Grad Dip. Family Dispute Resolution, FDRP, NMAS
Drawing on her diverse experience as a pharmacist, financial planner, counsellor and psychotherapist, Bernie brings an empathic yet pragmatic approach to her mediation work with families and property.  Always solution focussed, Bernie guides her clients gently but firmly towards fair, workable and sustainable agreements, which allow everyone to move forward in the most cost-effective way.

In her spare time, Bernie is a much sought after keynote speaker, both in Australia and internationally as well as making frequent radio and TV appearances.  Her particular area of expertise is in the field of Money and Relationships.

Valerie Norton   B.A., B. Psych (Hons), Grad Dip. Family Dispute Resolution, FDRP, NMAS
Prior to studying psychology, Valerie spent most of her twenties and thirties overseas living in London and Singapore. After following a career in publishing, Valerie worked for the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, forming business alliances and mediating international business arrangements between chamber members during the 1990’s.

Valerie has extensive experience in navigating expatriate separations, where one or both parents are living overseas, or where cultural considerations need to be taken into account.  Her understanding of the complex psychological issues associated with separation gives Valerie an insight into the personalities and dynamics in the mediation room. This enables her to deliver timely, balanced and thoughtful agreements.

Our Philosophy

The Collaborative Approach

CMP understands that ‘one shoe does not fit all’. There are many different types of mediation, such as narrative, conciliatory or transformative.  The professionals at CMP like to use the collaborative approach because it allows the clients to design their own, individually tailored and mutually beneficial settlements. Each client provides input into the process, rather than have a judge or conciliator make decisions for them. CMP is also committed to educating clients through the mediation process, so they know how to take home the skills needed to communicate and “mediate” their own future decisions.